CEDARGRIS have two signature wax blends that we offer for our Luxury Container candles so you can trial & choose which wax suits your company best. We work with both traditional cotton wicks & crackling wood wicks in our candles so you'll be able to match the imagery of your wick & candle design to your brand & the scent story that you create.

Quality and safety is the most important thing to us at CEDARGRIS. In creation of our candles follow every precaution possible and focus on using the finest raw materials possible to ensure the finished product is exquisite. Significant testing is undertaken on all candles & CEDARGRIS proudly use low-flash point wax & fragrance oil formulas.

Upon enquiry a full fact sheet on our Wicks & Waxes will be given.

The perfect candle is an Art as much as it is a Science

is a staple wax formed from a perfect ratio of Soy X Paraffin to achieve a stark white fresh appearance, clean burn & a soft silky texture. This wax has the strongest scent throw possible and will withstand being in a warm environment or on display in hot sunlit areas. With a generous burn time you'll get the most out of each candle.

is the result of 12 months of laboratory testing where different natural based waxes including beeswax, soy, certified palm wax were explored to achieve a predominately soy container wax that gives the most outstanding hot and cold scent throw and performs in hot & cold environments or under strong UV lighting conditions.