CEDARGRIS (see•duh•grees) 

Proudly part of the PIPER & ROSS group, CEDARGRIS launched with a curated collection of premium products. Focusing on luxury raw materials and classic sustainable packaging, CEDARGRIS offers complete capacity for private label creation.

Having built numerous strong brands, and subsequently working with others to develop their own brand, Olivia Tilley created CEDARGRIS out of a personal passion for luxury fragrance. Recognising that there was little way for companies to create their own branded range, CEDARGRIS allows a professional standard without facing large manufacturing minimums.

CEDARGRIS is committed to providing quality, premium scent, well-designed products that our clients are proud to put their name on. With in house scent development, vigorous product testing & complimentary graphic design services from start to finish, CEDARGRIS deliver signature quality time & time again.